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Continuing our annual Christmas campout, this year we decided to go Dead Horse Ranch State Park and Clear Creek. Initially, we were going to spend Christmas at Clear Creek, but with the government shutdown and sites being scooped up right quick at the state park, we opted to reverse the plans and spend Christmas at Dead Horse.

Last Christmas, Old Blue camped out with a Corvette. This Christmas, Old Blue would be camping with family: Mom & Dad's "new" 1989 Westy, known as Old Gray (written about over at the Rennsport page).

Dead Horse Ranch State Park has a plethora of multi-use trails, for hikers, bikers, and horses. There are also lagoons fed by the Verde River, both of which allow for fishing and kayaking/canoeing. Among tent campers up on the hill was a T6 California! Nobody was around when I walked by, so couldn't inquire or take interior photos.

On the 26th, we departed for Clear Creek, but didn't make it very far. Dad pulled into a trail head parking lot just below our camp spot, walked back to Old Blue saying, "Transmission blew". Uh-oh. Given that the CV's had been having issues since day 1, Dad decided to crawl under the van to check things out before calling AAA. Sure enough, right outer CV popped off and all other bolts were loose. After a 2-hour delay, we were back on the road to Clear Creek, which is just 20 miles away off highway 260, on the east side of I-17 (and was, fortunately, still open). The original plan was to stay at Clear Creek for two nights, but a major cold front was moving in with snow/rain expected. Thus, we decided to cut the trip a bit short and head back to our respective homes after one night. However, before venturing back to Phoenix and Prescott, we decided to stop in at Montezuma Castle National Monument only to find the gate closed. Your government working for you.




Hit a few snow flurries and rain en route to Phoenix, along with a passenger in a brand new Golf R nearly twisting his head off his neck looking at Old Blue.

Christmas 2018: Dead Horse Ranch S.P. & Clear Creek                                        December 24-27, 2018