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 Old Blue's Store: Sliding Door Screen

Order Form

*Continental USA shipping addresses only.

Not currently accepting orders due to projects and road trips.

Please check back in Fall 2020.

Years: 1980-1991

Models: All

Description: This sliding door screen works with all Vanagons (tin-tops, high-tops, pop-tops), doesn't have a zipper to deal with, and no snap studs to screw into your nice interior!  In addition to strong Rare Earth magnets down both sides and across the top, there are gutter hooks at the top for added support.  There is also a lined cut-out for the upper door bracket.  The two screen panels overlap each other, while the bottom is trimmed in canvas and houses flat weights to keep the screen taut and to help keep it closed. The screen material is the nice, long-lasting fiberglass type, not that cheap wire type. 1980-1984 vans: There is an additional 1/2" of fabric along the top border allowing for protection of the gutter paint.  Easy/simple on and off (instructions included).  Three screen border colors: Black, dark blue, and brown (unfortunately, the brown fabric is no longer available through local suppliers). Weight: 1½ lbs.

This is the original design, which splits down the middle of the doorway.  Both screen panels are separated when entering and exiting.

This is the newest design, which has the split offset from the center of the doorway.  The 18"-wide right panel is semi-fixed, allowing for it to remain stationary while the left panel acts as the main exit/entry "door". (Note: Photos are not current; screen is now as long as the 50-50 screen.)

50-50 Door Screen

60-40 Door Screen


1: These screens are not stocked, they are made to order.

> Current number in the queue as of May 7, 2019: 3.

2: These door screens mount outside the van. In order to close the door, the screen will need to be removed.

3: Note: Two gutter styles exist. Please compare your van's gutters to this diagram and select the corresponding style in the order form.  

Fitment issues: A) If you are using a Bus Depot awning, the gutter pole may interfere with the screen's gutter hooks. There is one van out there currently using both; the screen is mounted before the awning.  B) If you are using a gutter-mounted roof rack, ensure that the mounting towers are not above the sliding door opening.

Warning: This product contains magnets, which could affect persons with pacemakers or other medical devices. Keep away from sensitive electronic equipment.


(includes Priority Mail shipping cost*)

No Longer Available