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Dragoon, AZ, March 2010:

"So, who sleeps up in the master suite?"

Kartchner Caverns, AZ, March 2010:

"Old Blue? Doesn't look that old to me!"

In-N-Out Burger, Kingman, AZ, May 2010:

"I've got an '84 Vanagon, but that is the nicest one I think I've ever seen.  That thing is beautiful."

At a red light, Phoenix, AZ, May 2010:

"How much do you want for your bus?"

LOL, We just bought it a few months ago.

"Aww.  You know, it needs a surfboard up top!"

Funny; the guy we bought it from had one!

Neighbor, Phoenix, AZ, May 2010:

"I've never seen the inside of one these, can I take a peek? ...Wow!  It's huge inside!  You could live in

this thing!"

La Posada, Winslow, AZ, June 2010:

"Ooh, ooh; honey, look...  We had an '80; broke down all the time, but we went everywhere with it, even

to Mexico.  Engine finally burned up, literally... Thanks for letting us drool!"

United Campground, Durango, CO, June 2010:

"How long is it?"

15 feet.

"Does it have any pop-outs?"

No, it pops up.

"And I thought we had the smallest RV!"

Car wash, Durango, CO, June 2010:

"Did it come with that (pop-top), or did you have it installed?"

It came with it from the factory; there's a bed up there and it has a stove, sink, fridge...

"Wow, really?  A Volkswagen... We've never seen one of those.  How long did they make them?"

From the '60s to the early '00s.

"Wow! You're kidding?!  What year is yours?"

It's a 1990.

"Wow, you've kept it very well."

Dairy Queen, Durango, CO, June 2010:

"Nice van."

Thank you!

"I had a '68 for a number of years and loved it.  Had to sell it though."

Why'd you sell it?

"Couldn't make it up all the hills around here."

Campground, Lake Powell, AZ, June 2010:

"How's Old Blue?"

Doing great!

Neighbor, Phoenix, AZ, June 2010:

"I've driven by here a number of times and never see anyone out... I've been wanting to see the inside of your van."

Sure, take a look!

"Wow, there's so much more room than what was inside my '73!  They really improved them!  I've got some advice for the engine..."

It's actually a water-cooled engine.

"Water-cooled?!  Wow, when did they start using water-cooled?"

Some guy standing in front of a store, Peoria, AZ, August 2010:

EuroVan Camper owner, broken down near Bryce Canyon, UT, October 2010:

"No matter how much it costs you, keep your Westfalia!!"

German tourist, Lake Powell, AZ, October 2010:

"Is this new?"

No, it's a 1990.

"Wow, looks great!"

SyncroFest, Hollister, CA, April 2011:

"It's so pretty!"

"It's so clean!"

Thunder Over the Coconino car show and fly-in, Valle, AZ, August 2011 (90% of the cars on display were American classic & hot-rods):

"Out of all the cars here, this is only one I'd actually like to own!"

Some young guy in a small SUV at an intersection in Peoria, AZ just after his lane got the green arrow and was passing by, April 2012:


Driver of a brown/white Vanagon hightop as he was parking on the street, Jerome, AZ, May 2012:

"Nice ride!"

Young girl at Phoenix Bugorama, March 2013:

"Out of all the cars here, yours is my favorite."

Passenger in an SUV while passing through an intersection in Kingman, Arizona, November 2013:

"I have one like that, but it’s not a Syncro.  Love your van!"

Older woman in Harbor Freight, March 2014:

"Is that your blue van?  It's gorgeous!  We bought one back in the '80s, brand new, and had lots of fun with it.  Had too many cars, so we sold it, and have regretted it ever since…" Lengthy conversion ensued… two women in the middle of Harbor Freight chatting about Westfalias!

Some guy in a pickup truck who drove up at a gas station, August 2014, for the sole purpose of asking:

"Hey, you wanna sell your van?!"

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