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Electrical & Mechanical


Replace burned out taillight (Feb. '10)

Reroute fog/driving light wires (Feb. '10)

Replace head unit with Kenwood that has AUX input (Mar. '10); replaced with a Sony (Nov. '12)

Replace air filter (Mar. '10)

Repair wire in engine bay (Mar. '10)

Reconnect vacuum line for evap emissions (Mar. '10)

Replace gas cap seal (Apr. '10)

Install headlight relays (Apr. '10)

Replace distributor cap, rotor and plug wires (Apr. '10)

Fix coolant leak at a flange (May '10)

Replace oil cooler (May '10)

Replace rear brakes (May '10)

Replace fuel filter (May '10)

Replace differential pan gasket (Sept. '10)

Add solar charger (Mar. '11)

Replace ugly brown electric outlet with white one (Mar. '11)

Replace V-belts (Apr. '11)

A/C recharged (Apr. '11)

Fix odometer (Apr. '11)

Replace dead aux. starter battery with deep cycle battery (Apr. '11; replaced again Jan. '12)

Replace front brake rotors & pads, new brake fluid (May '11)

Replace burned-up kill switch wires and kill switch (Oct. '11)

Replace main ground cables, clean all ground connections, clean alternator connections (Oct. '11)

Clean ISV (Oct. '11)

Replace P/S fluid reservoir (Dec. '11)

Replace coolant expansion tank & related hoses (Dec. '11)

Replace coolant hose flange on head (Dec. '11)

Replace fuel pressure regulator (Dec. '11)

Third brake light moved (Mar. '12)

Speedometer cable replaced (Oct. '12)

Replace ignition switch (Dec. '12)

Remove leaking rear heater (Jan. '13)

Repair A/C (compressor, leak) (May '13)

Replace steering/suspension bushings (Summer '13)

Replace radio with no-CD BOSS (Feb. '14)

Replace coolant expansion tank and level sensor (Apr. '14)

Replace park-neutral switch (Apr. '14)

Install GoWesty Bigger Brake Kit (Jun. '14)

Install auto trans air cooler (Oct. '14)

Replace water pump & coolant hoses (Oct. '14)

Replace starter (hi-torque version) and coil (May '15)

Replace fuel hoses, injector seals, fuel rails (with Van Cafe metal versions), right inner CV boot, repack all CV's, replace left rear wheel bearings (Jun. '15)

Replace wheel center caps, replace rear shocks with Bilstein Sports (Jul. '15)

Fuel tank and evap reseal (Jul. '15)

Speaker replacement (2016)

To Do List:

Replace cat converter, muffler, OXS and tail pipe

Fix "ticking" speedo cable and busted odometer

Install new cruise control speed sensor

Engine swap



Make black-out window covers (Feb. '10)

Clean the interior, top to bottom (Feb. '10)

Fix driver's swivel (Feb. '10)

Make new skylight screen and cover; replace Velcro (Feb. '10)

Make seat covers (Feb. '10)

Lube door locks, handles and tracks (Feb. '10)

Replace faucet (Apr. '10)

Replace water tank pump (Apr. '10)

Replace tank-to-faucet hose (Apr. '10)

Patch small holes in tent (Apr. '10)

Make sliding door screen (Apr. '10)

Replace hatch struts (May '10)

Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs (May '10)

Make new curtains w/ thermal blackout backings (Aug. '10)

Make metal frame for new roof vent screen (Aug. '10; redone Mar. '11)

Fix vent window latches (Sep. '10)

Fix driver's door window regulator (Sept. '10)

Tighten passenger door handle (Sept. '10)

Install Van Cafe rubber mat set (Sept. '10)

Clean driver's door panel & install insulation inside door (Sept. '10)

Repair curtain track (Sept. '10)

Replace faucet, round 2 (Apr. '11)

Remove the A/C plenum (summer '11)

Fix bent e-brake lever (Jan. '12)

Make upper bed extension (Apr. '12)

Install LEDs into kitchen (Nov. '12)

Replace skylight cover & knob (Nov. '12)

Headrest pillows installed (May ‘13)

Stove faceplate polished (Nov. ‘13)

Shifter console removed and cleaned; lower dash face plate removed and cleaned; center "hump" cleaned and insulated (Apr. '14)

New skylight cover made/installed (2016)

To Do List:

Refurb table supports

Install bypass valve to heater core, or repair/replace OEM valve



Buy car cover (Feb. '10)

Seal skylight bolts (2 leaking) (Feb. '10)

Replace all 3 missing wiper caps (Feb. '10)

Clean and alter bra (made cutouts for driving/fog lights) (Feb. '10)

Replace the tires (Mar. '10)

Replace 1 grille pin (Apr. '10)

Remove haze from headlights (Apr. '10)

Paint the spoiler (Apr. '10)

Install GoWesty trailer hitch (Apr. '10)

Clean the engine, trans, inside of wheels, entire undercarriage (Apr. '10)

De-oxidize and buff the pop-top (Apr. '10; redone Mar. '11)

Polish and wax the paint (Apr. '10)

Make rain fly (June '10)

Order & apply touch-up paint (summer '11)

Replace hook-up gaskets (Aug. '11)

Replace water tank fill hose (Aug. '11)

Refurb the badges (Dec. '11)

Polish the door handles (Dec. '11)

Replace skylight (May '12)

Replace original canvas tent w/ 3-window acrylic (May '12)

Penetrol the roof (May '13)

Replace propane tank & mud flap (June '13)

Replace tires (Feb. '14)

Refurb bumpers (Sep. '15)

To Do List:

Repair rust spots

Replace door handle gaskets

Rehab the sliding door bearings/tracks

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