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 Old Blue's Store: Pop-top Caddy

Years: Bay Window: 1974-1979; Vanagon: 1980-1991

Models: Westfalia pop-top campers and multivans

Description: This is a convenient catch-all that wraps around your pop-top's push bar via Velcro. It has 6 pockets to hold a variety of items, such as sunscreen, phone, flashlight, small water bottle, up to 4"-wide tablet, keys, (sun)glasses, iPod, Buses By The Bridge raffle tickets, small book, and much more! Custom color combinations are available to match your interior/exterior. To make it even more special is a "Live, Love, Laugh, Camp" embroidery design. Made of durable polyester/cotton blend fabric with contrasting cotton border.

Caddy: Beige with Brown border

Embroidery: Brown Vanagon Westy with Burgundy text

Quantity available: 1


(includes Priority Mail shipping cost to USA)

Caddy: Brown with Beige border

Embroidery: White Vanagon Westy with Beige text

Quantity available: 1

Pop-top Caddies in stock, ready to ship:

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