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Kayak Information

A few folks have asked for information about the kayak I've taken on a few adventures, so here are the details:

Brand: Advanced Elements

Model: Advancedframe AE1012

Type: Semi-rigid inflatable (built-in aluminum ribs fore and aft; optional "Backbone" adds rigidity

to length of kayak)

Length: 10'-5"     Width: 32"    Folded size: 30"x17"x10"

Weight: 36 pounds

Features: Zip-off cockpit with coaming; mesh pocket on front deck; bungee cords on front deck; D-ring tie-downs fore and aft; removable padded seat with mesh pocket; carry handles; rear skeg; paddle holder loops; storage bag; repair kit

Suitable for: Lakes, bays, inland waters, coastal waters, class I-II rivers (spray skirt optional)

Review: Paddles and tracks like a hard-shell, with portability of an inflatable.  Space inside below the decks for gear/food.  Very comfortable for hours of paddling; quite maneuverable with good tracking.  It inflates and deflates in about 10 minutes once you get the hang of it.  I've thoroughly enjoyed mine!  This particular inflatable kayak was bought at West Marine circa 2004, thus it has a West Marine-specific color scheme and a few features that Advanced Elements no longer provides.


Cons: Just one and it's related only to my version of the Advancedframe: Because the cockpit can zip off and because there is a zipper along the front deck (for easy access to the interior), there is a gap where the zippers meet, which allows for water intrusion in rapids/rough water (kind of a stupid design).  The other versions have a deck-long zipper terminating at the coaming; a spray skirt would take care of any water intrusion on these kayaks if you'll be using it in rough waters (the spray skirt will not cover the zipper gap on mine, which is why the design is so idiotic).


There is a slightly smaller, and slightly different version of this kayak

(Advancedframe Sport AE1017), as well as a larger version

(Advancedframe Expedition AE1009).  

I bought mine on instinct and it has worked out very well for me

and my needs.  For others, testing various kayaks before purchasing

may be the wiser route to go.

Where to buy:






Other outdoor adventure retailers

Cost: $350-500


Paddle: Carlisle Day Tripper

Air pump: Airheads brand dual-action pump