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Trailer Hitch & Accessories

Hitch Haul

Being tired of moving a bunch of stuff out of the way in the van every night when going from camp to camp, I decided it was time to move said stuff out.  Found an aluminum version of the Hitch Haul at my local Sportsman's Warehouse. Mounted to the hitch using two locking, anti-sway hitch pins.


♦ For safety: Reflective tape was added, along with the Recon light bar that I mount to the Thule bike rack.

♦ Additional hitch pin holes were drilled in order to reduce the excessive tongue length of the Hitch Haul.

All of the more bulky items go into a Rola bag (originally bought for the Westfalia luggage bin), which is strapped to the Hitch Haul. Update 2017: Rola bag is back to being used in the Westy bin; bought a Hitch Haul bag to strap onto the rear carrier.

Review: While it's one more item to store in the garage, this thing is worth every penny!

2" Receiver Trailer Hitch

Old Blue came with a ball hitch mounted to the rear tow loops.  Since I don't tow anything, that hitch was sold and GoWesty's 2" receiver hitch was bought and installed in its place on the tow loops.

Review: While not as stout as a frame-mounted hitch, this gets the job done.  If using this hitch to haul weighted loads (bike rack, for example), you'll need to install the provided stabilizer; without it, you'll see your bike rack sway too much for your liking.

This hitch has seen a lot of use!  On almost every road trip, it is loaded with a bike rack or Hitch Haul (see below).  Downside: It's low to the ground.

(Since I don't have any quality photos of the hitch installed on my van, I swiped GoWesty's image.)

Hitch Riser/Extender

Due to the GoWesty receiver not being compatible with the Hitch Haul (receiver is too radiused), and because the Hitch Haul was too low to the ground for my liking, I bought a 2" riser at WalMart.

(Exact riser bought not shown, but is similar.)

Thule Bike Rack

Heavy, but has folding arms and a tilt-away feature.  Holds up to four bikes and comes with anti-sway cages, strap, and security cable (which, according to a fellow van owner who has the same rack, can be defeated so it's basically useless).

Modifications: Added safety tape and the aforementioned Recon light bar since the tail lights are obscured by the bikes.*  The light bar is the same width as the rack's arms; so, it's simply mounted onto the fourth bike pads and held in place with the Thule rubber bike straps.  The bar uses a flat-four electrical connection.

* Kind of odd.  For all the safety crap the USA requires on vehicles, not a single bike rack comes with a light, nor did I find any rack-specific lights available (back in 2011 or so).  However, these options are readily available over in the UK.