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Files & Documents

Removing the A/C plenum

Replacing the Ignition Switch

Removing the Rear Heater

Vanagon 2.1L V-belts

Westfalia Stove Faceplate Removal

Westfalia Curtains Guide (late model)

Vanagon Tire Guide

Bus/van Buyer's Guide

Vanagon Westfalia A/C Electrical Components (1989-1991)

LED Bulb Cross-reference

Vanagon Transmission Specs (w/ engine cross-reference)

Vanagon Hose Spring Clamps

Dometic RM182B Fridge Manual

How An Absorption Fridge Works

Westfalia Stove Owner's Manual

   Modifying a Bra to Fit Bumper-mounted Lights

Vanagon Model Name Breakdown

Repair/Maintenance/Emissions Log Template

Business card-sized cheat sheets for HVAC levers, wiper lever, your Westy's length/height, Westy kitchen panel: gray version, brown version

1990 Westfalia camper equipment color wiring diagram

1990 Westfalia solar equipment color wiring diagram

Renogy PWM10 Viewstar Solar Charge Controller Manual

Renogy PWM30 Viewstar Solar Charge Controller Manual

Renogy 100W Suitcase Panel Manual

= How-to guide

= Information