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Old Blue's Story

I was born in Hannover, Germany on February 5, 1990.  Shortly thereafter, I was shipped off to Westfalia near Wiedenbrück to be given my camper accoutrements.  After my conversion was completed, I was loaded onto a ship and set sail for the USA (boy, that was a long trip; almost got seasick!).  I had a stopover in Texas, if I remember right, to be trucked to my final destination: California.  I spent the first 18 years of my life living in Northern California and traveling all over the west Coast of the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  

In 2000, my first owner sold me off.  I was pretty sad about that, after all, we had spent 10 fun years together.  But then I was adopted into a new home, complete with a garage!  I loved Dave & Vickie… they gave me a name, a pretty new paint job with fancy stripes, a bra, auxiliary lights, bigger wheels, and always took me to the doctor for regular checkups (Fred’s in Redwood City).  Then, in 2008, they wanted a slightly larger travel vehicle so, once again, I was put up for adoption.  It was another sad moment when I was driven out of the Bay Area and headed down to Southern California.  

My new owners, Curtis and Chelsea, were a very nice young couple who lived in Long Beach.  Curtis and I and the big red dog went to the beach often; I stayed on shore while Curtis went surfing.  Chelsea would drive me to her work every day (she was a nurse).  I was Curtis’ dream car, but I was pushing 20 and was starting to need some attention (plus, I was in my mid-life crisis: moved to a new place with no comfort of a garage).  With a house being renovated, a big dog, running a business, and a new little human, one had to go.  After spending only a year with them, I was put up for adoption again.  

Several months later, a nice-looking family came to look me over and took me for a drive.  The next morning, I was driven to Jiffy Lube for an oil change (terrifying experience; I was shaking in my tires!).  Awhile later, that same family arrived again.  I was thinking that they were my new owners, but instead of driving off to my new home, we went back to Jiffy Lube (oh, no!).  Turns out, the morning Jiffy Luber stripped my oil drain plug (bastard!).  Thankfully, the deal was still on, and my new owner drove me out of Long Beach (at rush hour on the 605 freeway… that was terrifying!) and to… WalMart in Palm Springs?!  My right rear tail light was replaced and we spent the night there.  The next day I was driven to my new home in Arizona… wow, what a change in scenery!  My new owner immediately set about cleaning up my interior and detailing my exterior; and I get to sleep in a garage again!  

We’ve had lots of fun adventures; I’ve been to places I’ve never been to before and have gotten to reunite with lots of my family members! And speaking of reuniting, I've even seen Dave & Vickie again!  Boy, I sure hope I’m never put up for adoption ever again; I love my new owner!



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