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Annual gathering of Buses at Lake Havasu, Arizona.  This was my first partaking of the event and it certainly did not disappoint!  About 300 Buses attended, with over 60 Vanagons by Saturday morning.

Upon arrival, a spot was found along the canal where other Vanagons had parked.  After reserving our spot, we headed out on the dice run, driving all over Lake Havasu City stopping at pre-determined locations to roll a handful of dice.  Returning to the start, I had one more hand to roll; after the the tally I had the lowest and tied-for-the-highest hands!  When the run was officially closed, I still had the lowest hand (yes!).  The two high rollers had to do a roll-off, which I lost (bummer!).  First BBB, first dice run and I took home a very cool trophy (metal wind spinner) made right there in Havasu by a London Bridge Bullis member.  Woohoo!

Fun weekend, despite my migraine on Friday (apologies to those who stopped by to chat), the aux battery dying (turns out, the fridge being left on DC is a bad thing due to the DC outlet added to the

kitchen), and the e-brake breaking.  Looking forward to BBB XVII!

Special thanks to Mr. Carter for being a great shotgun rider, adding to weekend's entertainment, for the (overpriced) VW burgee, for the awesome dice run navigating, and for breakfast.


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Total miles: 563

Adventure 7: Buses By the Bridge XVI                                                                        January 12-15, 2012