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This time, I left Tuesday evening. Near Salome, downpour! Fortunately, highway 72 wasn't washed out, just some minor flooding, which the van handled without issue.  Rolled into Havasu well after dark to find the line all the way back to the parking lot! Jeeze… next year, arriving on Monday!

While cleaning the van Wednesday morning, discovered the right headlight was loose thanks to broken adjusters. Temporarily repaired with zip ties.

Thursday morning arrived and parking lot was full of Buses with the line extending down the access road, around the motel and out to the main street. Gates opened at around 9am and we all began filing in. Drove down to my usual spot (with fingers crossed) only to find it coned off and vans already parked along the canal side. Decided to attempt to park parallel to the cones, but an official blocked that maneuver. After asking if I could then park parallel to the walkway, he said that I could provided that I have no issue moving later if the Park Service says to.  While setting up, a Bay Window pulled up and asked about parking. After explaining to him what the official told me, he asked if he could park between Old Blue and the outhouses. "Fine by me!" Later, a Park Service vehicle drove through and said not a word… phew!

This year was a huge turnout… so huge, I shamefully didn't bother with many photos…

Adventure 26: Buses By The Bridge XXI                                                                      January 11-14, 2018