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Day 1: Phoenix, AZ to Joshua Tree National Park, CA


(Loose alternator belt, but checking other items while bees buzzed about.)

Day 2: Joshua Tree National Park to Thornhill State Beach

Day 3: Thornhill State Beach to Pismo State Beach

Days 4:-8 Pismo Beach to Laguna Seca Raceway

Day 9: Laguna Seca Raceway to Morro Strand

Day 10: Morro Strand to El Capitan State Beach

(Made the mistake of stopping in at GoWesty to sit in a Recaro seat. Bye-bye uncomfortable stock seats!)

Days 11-12: El Capitan to Joshua Tree to home

Adventure 27: Laguna Seca Historic Races; Monterey, CA                                        August 13-23, 2017