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This year, I planned things differently: Actually left early on Wednesday, got to Havasu by noon, filled the gas tank, was going to fill the propane tanks (giant RV pulled in, so nixed the idea and went without the Dometic), and headed over to the parking lot.  The lot was already near half full!  Darn good thing I opted for parking lot camping this year!

While the sun was still up, I opted to get some exercise and walked down to the London Bridge and toured the visitor center.  En route, I could swear there was a very familiar burgundy Syncro near the front of the line; stopped by on my way back, but no one was around.  Then, awhile later Bob walked up with a buddy!  Good to see him again after skipping Moab for two years.  Prior to Bob arriving, two vans had to get pampered.

Thinking I had to be in line early this time around in order to retain "my" lighthouse spot was shot to complete hell.  Upon arriving down towards the point, that whole area was now blocked off! Contingency plan: Bob offered a spot up on the grass, and the Genie Bottle Bus folks offered the spot taken up by their tow vehicle along the canal.  I opted for the latter.

Sadly, this year I took more photos of hot-air balloons than Buses, but you can trek over Eric Arnold's beautiful photo album.


This year, the raffle was held late afternoon on Saturday (as opposed to Saturday night), which was great.  However, Mother Nature decided that Saturday would be a damp day, and during the raffle would be a wonderful time to produce a downpour! Despite that, everyone had a great time!

^Courtesy of  Andre of Airhead Parts

Well, that is, until Sunday.  While Dad was collecting raffle prizes, I started packing up.  Eventually, the Buses thinned out, the pink barrier tape was removed, so Dad brought his beloved, pristine 10-year-old truck down near Old Blue for easier loading.  Unfortunately, he didn't park towards the water far enough, and Vanagon-driving Eric didn't pay close enough attention while backing up in an effort to give his buddy's van a jump-start, and…

An unfortunate end to a fun weekend.  But props to Eric: Very apologetic and kept in touch with Dad until the tailgate was replaced (truck is as good as new).  Given that I had a nearly four-hour drive ahead and given the late-ish hour, I opted to stay in Havasu and camped out in the overflow at the campground.  As the sun set, I gave Old Blue a cleaning, then sat by the campfire for a bit.

Total Buses: 514(!)

Total attendees: Over 4,000(!)

Total miles: 400

Adventure 26: Buses By The Bridge XXI                                                                                January 2017