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One of my favorite singers growing up was (and still is) Crystal Gayle.  She visits Laughlin, Nevada every year , so I reserved a couple of tickets for Mom and I.   Instead of staying in a hotel, we camped out!  Mom was visiting Grandma in Henderson; she drove down to meet at the county campground at Davis Camp Park (same place we were kicked out of 25 years prior at midnight for setting up a tent!), where we camped for one night (not a great place – needs some serious maintenance/upgrade work – but it's near the concert venue, Don Laughlin Resort).


She's still as fabulous as ever!

After the concert, we toured the car museum.  No car photos (sorry!), but inside the museum is a map with hat pins stuck to it from various visitors over the years.  Couldn't help but notice this one:

How cool is that?!  Do want!

The next day, we headed up to nearby Lake Mohave for some more camping and kayaking at Katherine Landing.  Lake was rather peaceful; not many boats on the water.  However, there was also a disgusting green slime all over the shore line.  I presumed that it was a government operation to kill off the aquatic mussels infiltrating the Colorado River system.

We initially planned to stay just a night, but enjoyed the solitude and surroundings so much, we camped out another night to kayak out of Telephone Cove the following day.  It was windy this day, so we didn't do as much paddling as we'd have liked to, but still stayed out on the water until dusk.  We did do some lake clean-up on our way back to the launch ramp: shoes, toys, clothes, and other trash.

The following morning we stopped for a photo op with the giant tortoise in Bullhead City, ate breakfast at Denny's, then parted ways to our respective homes.  Looking forward to doing it again next year!  


 Total miles: 338

Adventure 21: Lake Mohave                                                                                                February 2015