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Left Wednesday to camp out at the campground at Havasu, just around the bend from Windsor Beach.  Why go out a day early?  A) I wanted to roll into BBB early to get “my” spot and I’m most certainly not a morning person. B) Wanted to fill the water tank.  C) Wanted to do a little kayaking (which didn’t happen because I left too late in the day).  The van ran fabulously… never had to downshift!  A full moon was shining bright… gorgeous night to drive!

At the campground, tried out the new portable propane-powered campfire.  Works great… and no smoke!  


Ate dinner (tacos!), did a few word puzzles, and drifted off to sleep.

Next morning, while still half asleep, I heard a knock on the sliding door.  Sat up, cracked the window blanket, and saw the park ranger.  Quite nice lady who was confirming who was camped in that spot (had reserved it back in November).  After a leisurely breakfast, began packing up.  In doing so, an older gentleman walked up and we began chatting about Vanagons.  He was from NorCal and just had a "new" diesel installed; he brought the motorhome to BBB because there were still bugs to be worked out with his van's engine.  He thought Old Blue was a beautiful van.

After a stop to get the BBQ propane tank topped off (had no clue how much was in it… it took a mere 0.3 gallons), headed off to BBB… and was able to park in the exact same spot as last year!  One difference though: Brand new sign had been installed.  This was the largest turnout yet for BBB with nearly 400 Buses/vans!  This year's event coincided, like last year, with the balloon festival.


Thursday night, Mom and Dad arrived.  Friday, Mom and I went kayaking.  Started out going counterclockwise this year to see something different.  Before we knew it, we had gone all they way around to where the marina is.  We arrived just in time to see balloons launching and doing lake dips; they were then hooked onto official "safety boats" and towed to shore, where they were then towed via man-power back to the launch area.  Yeah, the one time Mom and I didn't bring our cameras along.  D'oh!

Saturday, got up early (wasn't sleeping anyway thanks to a neighbor slamming his doors shut at dawn) to watch balloons and look at all of the amazing VW's (apologies, not many photos of them; if you'd like to see additional event photos, head over to http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=573449 ).



Went kayaking again to take ^that panorama (click on it to enlarge) and to, hopefully, get balloons dipping into the lake on camera.  After paddling down to the marina area and watching just two balloons go up (began getting windy), we headed back to camp.  Upon lifting my kayak out of the water, out fell the camera and into the water it went.  Yay.



Sunday… time to pack up and head home.  


Had a fun time as always, despite not winning a single thing in the raffle… again!

Side note: After drying out for a week while disassembled, the Canon Powershot A650 is back to operational status… phew! (Update: It's back to being dead. )

Total miles: 450

Adventure 16: Buses By The Bridge XVIII                                                                    January 15-20, 2014