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A group of six Vanagon owners rendezvoused in a meadow near Mt. Humphrey's in Flagstaff one summer weekend, despite the muddy dirt roads and boulders.  The folks from Phoenix were escaping the heat, and escape they did: Saturday afternoon was spent huddled inside the vans while it rained and hailed, with lightening bolts flashing all around.  Saturday night after dinner, we sat around Joseph's portable propane-powered campfire chatting late into the night.  Sunday morning was beautiful; perfect setting for picturesque photos.  At around noon, the clouds and lightning began rolling in so we decided it would be best to head out, up and over rocks and sliding through mud!  Even the "lowly" two-wheel drives, one being an automatic with improper tires (ahem), made out it with no problem!

(Above sunset photo taken by Darryl, owner of the white Westy on the left)

Adventure 14: Vanagon campout; Flagstaff, Arizona                                                 August 16-19, 2013